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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nutty art

If it seems that I go out of my way to find weird stuff to write about
here, well, you're right! But fortunately I don't have to go too far! The
picture below was discovered on the CNN website, in the offbeat
section. It depicts a work by Swiss artist Jean-Frederic Schnyder's
"Waegeli", which translates to "little strollers"; it is on display at the
museum of contemporary art in Basel, Switzerland. Check out what
these little strollers are made of:

Yes, those are walnut shells! Cut and shaped, cleaned out
perfectly, with cute little wheels and handles (wonder what those
are made out of?)! But who does such a thing, how does a person
come up with the idea to create something like this? I am not
sure if "Waegeli" really qualifies as art, but heck, you just have
to admire Schnyder's odd, yet delicate efforts, and his patience!
hhmmm, my husband and I occasionally eat mussels and clams,
wonder what what expressive piece of 'art' we could create out
of the leftover shells?!?

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