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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quick catch-up

Just to update you on some restaurant goings-on. Got a letter from our
ex-work release chick Annie, who as I reported last week, was rudely
taken from the restaurant and had her work release revoked just for a
little 'contraband' found in her cell....oh well. Anyway, she wrote a letter
apologizing for what happened, how she misses us and her regular
customers, and hopes to come back once she is released. I was able to
find out that through a mutual acquaintance that Annie's hearing is
next week; it will be determined at that time if she will be punished
with additional time. I hope not, she has less than 20 days to go, she's
in the homestretch so to speak (a horseracing reference on Derby Day!).
Meanwhile a couple of new waitresses have been training this week,
time will tell if either of them stick or are even worth a darn. Tonight
should be busy due to a big concert at the now not so new arena up the
road. The lovely Kathy, our other ex-work release gal, had not gotten
into any new trouble; furthermore, her ex-New York man appears to
have forgiven her for her 'indiscretions'. Hence, the marriage plans
appear to be back on track...for now...until maybe he discovers that
Kathy's 'one-time' mistake is ongoing? oh, did I say that out loud? ;)


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