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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some good news

YES! I read in CNN yesterday, right before I left for work, that there
has been an arrest in the mugging of the 101 year old woman in New
York. I am sure y'all remember the case last month, and saw the very
disturbing video on all the news channels. Well, a 44 year old man
was questioned after police arrested him on an unrelated drug charge.
Officers questioned him after noticing he matched a photo of a person
wanted in the attack of the 101 year old woman; he also attacked an
85 year old woman attacked around the same time. He was charged
after a line of questioning determined that the police had their man;
he will be held without bail on charges of robbery, grand larceny,
burglary, and assault. Furthermore, this lowlife will be charged with
hate crimes as well, since he targeted elderly people. In New York,
attacks on people over 60 years old are a violation of New York
State Hate Crimes Act of 2000. So, basically, this slime is facing up to
25 years in the slammer. hhhmmmm, it is obvious that this pleases
me?!? Serves him right for beating up little old ladies.



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