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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's a snap!

Well, today Francesca, my little gal pal who frequents the restaurant,
officially turns 21. I can only imagine her state of inebriation by the
time this day ends! Her sister Lilly was in the other night and told me
how she had gotten her a digital camera and was going to take her out
to dinner. She did hope she would get a hold of lil' sis BEFORE she had
started drinking! Lilly then had a horrible thought, how the new camera
she plans to give to Francesca could capture compromising images! I
tried to reassure her, that she would be too drunk to operate it - let's
see. Digital cameras are definitely among the best inventions in the
last decade. You took a lousy picture? No problem - DELETE! And
some of the memory cards hold way more pictures than most people
could ever take. Since my husband and I have had our digital camera,
pictures have been a breeze. We snap away, insert the memory card
into the computer, check them all out, and get rid of what we don't like.
Then hubby gets all creative with certain programs on the computer,
enhancing the pictures one way or another, and prints the really good
ones. Voila! What is scary is that we still haven't learned even 1/2 of
the various functions of the camera, so it hasn't been used to its full
capacity. But that's OK, as long as it has auto focus, red eye reduction,
and automatic flash when the lighting situation requires it, we are more
than satisfied with how it works. So let's hope the lovely birthday girl
will be sober enough one day to appreciate big sister's cool gift, but
until then, Happy 21st Francesca!



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