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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sad but funny

Sometimes, you read a story in the news and you just have to laugh,
despite the tragedy or absurdity of the situation. Yesterday I had one
of those moments, when I was browsing the CNN website and came
across this headline - "ATM thief's fake leg falls off in escape bid". I
mean, come on, while it is sad that someone, for one reason or
another, has a prosthetic leg, you still can't help but laugh. The
scenario in brief. Mr. fake leg man and an accomplice took a pickup
truck to a market, tied a chain around a 1500 pound ATM machine,
ripped it off the floor with the truck, and then loaded the machine
onto the pickup. Police gave chase, and the 2 bandits drove onto a
dead-end street, whereupon they abandoned their vehicle and took
off on foot. OK, at least one of them did. The guy with the prosthetic
leg was found lying on the ground near the truck by police; his leg
was nearby as it had fallen off in his frantic attempt to escape. As a
police spokesman put it, " attempt to flee from officers...was
unsuccessful". Well, I guess if you were a leg down your attempts
to flee would be unsuccessful too! Um, Mr. fake leg, stick to crimes
that don't require quick getaways on foot...just a suggestion!



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