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Friday, April 06, 2007

Return of staff...and scandal

It's time to catch you folks up on the saga of Kathy, our new hostess
with the mostess at the restaurant who was supposed to move out
of state with her boyfriend/fiance after she was released from the
'3 hots and a cot' hotel. Well, she is still here, and to no one's surprise,
including myself, she is probably not going anywhere anytime soon.
After being not being allowed to move out of state, Kathy and her
supposed "love of her life" had found an apartment that she could
rent on a month to month basis until things could get worked out
for her to leave. Well, so much for best laid plans. Kathy was caught
'entertaining' another man, the boyfriend/fiance found out, and now,
quite naturally, they are done and their plans for the future tossed
out like yesterday's trash. No, it didn't take long for Kathy to go
back to her wild ways, we are all just hoping that she won't let her
life unravel as she has in the past (and end up a resident of the state
hotel yet again). Meanwhile our other work release gal, Annie, has
entered the home stretch - less than 50 days before freedom is
reality for her too. Another development at the restaurant concerns
a waitress who used to work for us in the past, but had left last
year to have a baby. Faith has come back to work on a part-time
basis, and while it took her a few shifts to get back in the swing,
she has had a nice return. Beth is also back after her carpal tunnel
wrist surgery. If you were just thinking that almost everyone who
leaves seems to eventually come back to the restaurant, yeah, you're
right, most of them do - the place is a magnet for the dysfunctional!


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