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Monday, March 19, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Wow, time flies when you are under the weather and busy. Last
time I wrote I was on the way to the doctor. The Verdict is in -
officially I don't have just a cold, but a sinus infection.....but hey,
I'll take it, as long as I don't get bronchitis. (and my new doc is
OK, but will take some getting used to.) So the lovely Kathy
closed for me Friday night, but only after I got rid of the lone
waiter of the restaurant, Mr. Know-it-all....who didn't show up
on a busy Friday night. Gone. And gosh, the entire staff was so
upset...NOT! Anyway, there was another concert in town, and
while we got busy, it was not the usual insanity, perhaps because
it was on a Sunday night instead of the usual Friday or Saturday.
Didn't get a whole lot of visitors this weekend, but at least my
dear friends the Thompsons made an appearance which did cheer
me up. Francesca also came by one night AFTER closing time -
she called me with her cell phone to get me to unlock the door
for her! The nerve of the gal! But I did let her in so we could
shoot the breeze over hot chocolate (and cheesecake for her!).
Seems that school is going well, work is busy, and yes, she has
had the same boyfriend for 3 months now....almost a record! She
is eagerly anticipating her 21st birthday next month, excited that
she will finally be able to legally drink, not that age has been an
impediment to her partying ways. Maybe when she does turn 21
she will mature and settle down. Oh wait, we are discussing
Francesca....scratch that!


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