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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2 men who shouldn't drive ever again!

One of the most vital inventions ever, the automobile, was involved
in 2 odd stories recently. A 54 year old South Carolina man was
arrested for drunk driving and trafficking marijuana after he crashed
his car into a parked S.C. state trooper cruiser on I-95. In the trunk of
the drunk's car were 2 duffel bags chock full of mary-jane, 43 pounds
of it, with a street value of around $150,000. Well, that may go down
as one of the easiest drug busts EVER - the perp landed at the cop's
feet, almost literally! And in a story that truly illustrates the plight
of the hen-pecked husband, a 35 year old California man recently
admitted to police that he faked his alleged kidnapping to hide from
his wife the fact that he wrecked her car! Originally he had told the
cops that 2 men tried to hold him up at gunpoint, so in order to
escape he purposely crashed the car he was driving. However, under
police questioning and scrutiny, the poor husband confessed that it
was all made up, that he had just been trying to find a plausible
reason for the car wreck he was in that would allow him to escape
his wife's wrath. I hope the police took the driver's licenses of both
of these fellows away, 2 dimwits like that have no business driving!


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