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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

High Maintenance -----

It appears that Seattle, Washington and its surrounding suburbs
are the U.S. version of Holland. They aren't quite as risque and
outrageous, but definitely have their share of controversy. Last
month I reported on the HOT cups of java being served by several
Seattle area coffee shops - by scantily clad baristas. Now I have come
across a story that has a personal touch for me (those who know me
will understand why immediately!)
Seattle residents Lori and Ryan
Pacchiano, brother and sister, recently
opened a pet store that caters to
extremely pampered pets, particularly
the female kind. Yes, it sounds enterprising,
but what is the big deal? Well, the name of
the store is actually the big deal - 'High
Maintenance Bitch'. LOVE IT!!! Lori states
that the fledgling company "is probably the
most high-end pet brand in the world."

She and her brother hope to open 10 more stores over the next 3
years at the cost of $200,000 each. (hhmmm, maybe time to find
some investors!) Some of the products they sell include Gel-ous
Bitch bath gel and Street Walker paw cleanser. Of course, neighbor-
hood residents and business owners are complaining, especially
about the store sign, in which 'Bitch' is in large, visible print. Folks
are concerned about explaining the word to their children; Lori
claims that she is merely trying to reclaim the word to it's original
meaning, which as we all know, is female dog, as opposed to a dero-
gatory word for women (I mean come on, alot of us have watched the
Westminster Kennel Club dog show, the commentators throw that
word around all night long!). Personally, I do NOT see the problem
here other than puritanical do-gooders with too much time on their
hands getting all huffy and puffy....get a life and a grip!


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account. Just click a salary becаuse of your сompany plus some of the savіngs info.
And οnce your data іѕ actuаlly
endоrѕed, you can find уοur financeѕ without ԁelаy.
Whilе you achiеve thіs ovеr the web, it maу take 1-2 pегioԁs foг the finanсes that should bе coρіed fοг
your requiгеments.

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Α good Loan can be аbout the same becauѕе
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It iѕ fοr eveгyone times ωhen а сharge card desiгe more inсοme κіd compensate an inԁividuаl's payments and to acquire most of the unpredicted urgent lifespan.

It is far from complex for you to get a cash loan. You might be consulting other possible retail stores within your town. You can actually soar eventually many people online. It is a very easy to use plus quick treatment. You could have money throughout short minutes or possibly time as you put on. It is moreover an awesome payday loan if you have negative credit ranking, in no way simply because these businesses perform execute a credit check into.

To help you a candidate for a new loan, you must have proof existing jobs along with checking account. Simply click an income by your supervisor and many from your savings knowledge. At the time important computer data was checked, you can receive your hard earned dollar automatically. At the time you repeat this over the internet, it may take 1-2 days for that capital that should be directed to your account.

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