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Friday, February 16, 2007

Peanut Butter

Just got home from doing some grocery shopping, where I made a point
of going to the peanut butter aisle just to check things out. For those
who haven't heard, ConAgra recalled Peter Pan peanut butter yesterday.
(and yes, there were a couple of gaping holes on the PB shelf at the
grocery store I went to.) Apparently a salmonella outbreak in the U.S.
has been linked to Peter Pan. The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) noticed a spike in salmonella outbreaks since August
2006; once the peanut butter link was determined, the CDC notified the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Investigations led authorities to
peanut butter made after May 2006 at ConAgra's plant in Sylvester,
Georgia. It is likely that the contamination was caused by dirty jars
and/or equipment. A ConAgra spokesman stated that the company
randomly tests 60-80 jars of PB a day for salmonella and other germs,
but "had no positive hits on that going back for years." The FDA last
inspected the plant in 2005. (um, can we say OOPS?!?!) Most states
have had cases, the majority have been in New York, Pennsylvania,
Tennessee, Missouri, and yes....Virginia. This naturally makes me
happy and relieved that my peanut butter of choice is Skippy (and
those who know me know I love my PB!). So I urge all Peter Pan
eaters to switch to Skippy - all 3 major flavors are great, whether it be
creamy, chunky, or the new natural - you can't go wrong!


Blogger Starla said...

We have had some cases in Kentucky. This is crazy, now everyone is going to be scared of Peanut Butter.

4:10 PM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

let's hope not Starla, it is one of the
tastiest inventions ever, right after chocolate!

4:12 PM, February 16, 2007  
Blogger freedominalaska said...

I would recommend grinding your own PB....with a mortar and pestle.

10:16 PM, February 16, 2007  

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