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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Invasion of the rednecks

A simply crazy weekend at the restaurant is almost behind me. It started
out very disappointing. Earlier this week I had mentioned about working
with the various members of the waitstaff. Well, one member I didn't get
to work with was Chad. He called me Friday late afternoon, informing
me he was running about 1/2 an hour late. He never showed, and never
answered my phone calls. Obviously he didn't make it in yesterday either,
so his return to the restaurant was very short and not at all sweet. After
calling me for almost 3 months trying to get back on the schedule, even
if only part-time, and me pulling strings to help him out and do so, this
was the result. Naturally, both Friday and Saturday were very busy,
which only heightened my angry disappointment (as the 2 waitresses I
did have are not exactly world beaters). Let's just say Chad better not
make any appearances at the restaurant when a certain little red
Protege 5 is parked outside; I don't want any phone calls either. (*note
to those who don't know me - do not get on my bad side after I have
stuck my neck out for you.....not a good idea.) But at least last night I
did have some nice visits and entertainment. The Thompsons came in
for dinner, as did the Browns. Then I got a visit from Sandra, who
proceeded to receive the attentions of several male customers of the
restaurant (and then she wonders why I call her the biggest flirt
ever?!?!?). Oh well, at least she brought me Lindt chocolate truffles;
hey, my friends know me well! The night ended with several groups of
customers of the redneck variety coming in after some kind of
hoe-down (or whatever rednecks attend on a Saturday night). The
majority of them were intoxicated, but at least they were happy drunks.
One tried to pay with a very colorful million dollar bill, then showed
me his "redneck driver's license" as a form of ID; the photo was of a
toothless man who very obviously had had too much moonshine! The
back of this "license" also had some rules of redneck etiquette, such
as never bring your sister as your prom date, and to make sure to
brush your TOOTH nightly! Ah, love 'em or hate 'em, one must admit
that the world would not be as amusing without rednecks!


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