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Monday, January 29, 2007

A "HOT" cup of coffee

Well, it appears that yet another unusual story a tad on the risque side
has made waves. In the Seattle, Washington area, the national hotbed
of coffee, certain coffee shops and stands are promoting a new look.
No, not a new muffin or latte flavor. The new look centers around the
baristas. In an effort to drum up business in a highly competitive
market, certain coffee shops are featuring "bodacious baristas", young
ladies steaming up macchiatos while vamping around in baby dolls,
thigh high boots, bikini tops, short shorts or shorter skirts, and other
flashy outfits. (OK, so they are trying to drum up more male business!)
Certain establishments, while offering "flirty service", also have
themed days, such as a day with the "schoolgirl" look, "secretary" look,
and other fetish ensembles. The names of some of these coffee shops
speak for themselves: Cowgirls Espresso, Natte Latte, Moka Girls,
Bikini Espresso
, and The Sweet Spot. Most of the shops pay only
minimum wage, but many of the baristas are raking in the tips; one
girl interviewed by 'The Seattle Times' even boasted that she is making
way more tips as a naughty espresso maker than she did when she
waited tables at 'Hooters' (and we all know about that chain restaurant).
It is not clear when this trend of "sexpresso" really began, but one thing
is certain - by 'sweetening' the product, shops have now reached out to
a segment of the population that probably never set foot in a 'Starbucks'.
One male customer stated "If I am going to pay $4 for a cup of coffee, I
am not going to get served by a guy." You know, I think that kind of
says it all - sexism, exploitation, seduction - all wrapped up in steamy
hazelnut cappucino. Want some whipped cream for that mocha?

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