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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cheers big ears!

Sometimes I wonder which shift causes me to raise my eyebrows
and/or shake my head in wonder or night. I generally
believe night shift is more entertaining, but today proved to me
that day shift has its moments. It started with my opening waitress,
the one and only Tiffany. She got to the restaurant 20 minutes late,
still shaken from a very rough night. Apparently Tiffany suffers
from the occasional nightmare, and she had one last night. Much to
her displeasure, her 'friend' (she is juggling various 'friends' since
dumping her ex; I guess she is trying to decide which one she really
wants.) didn't get up when she jolted awake. Then when she did
wake him up, he kind of blinked, looked at her, and fell asleep
again. Tiffany was steamed, declaring that she needed support
from her man when she has her nightmares. Well, guess this guy
lost brownie points! After that it was the customers who provided
fodder for me. The second table of the day was a group of 5 rough
looking construction workers, the kind with big pickup trucks,
tattoos, baseball caps, flannel shirts, and dirty jeans with holes in
them. You would expect the conversation would center on work,
or their vehicles, or a generally MANLY topic. But NO, what
did I hear? A lively discussion about last night's premiere of
'American Idol'! It kind of went like this - "man, that fella singing
the Prince song was pretty bad....that Spanish looking girl was
right good, but that skinny one, what the heck was she doing
there, she wasn't no good!" Let's just say I just about choked on my
cup of coffee; I don't watch 'American Idol', never have, never will,
but I guess roughnecks are more hip than me and tune in! Then,
later on, this family came in to celebrate a birthday by having
breakfast together. They did lament the fact, however, that one of
their family members was missing. Why? The conversation went
kind of like this - "that durn boy, had to go get hisself locked up
again. Why? Missed ANOTHER meeting with his PO
officer for you novices!) and he got wrote up, has to pull
the rest of his time now, he ain't got no sense." Granted, this is not
a conversation that I haven't heard before, considering some of the
employees we have, but it did get better - "Just hope he don't
get hisself in no trouble in there (jail), 'cause he fights like a
girl." !!! Well that is reassuring, real family support and confidence
there! 'American Idol' worshipers and a effeminate jailbird, I
guess that is what I get for eavesdropping!


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