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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Bad and the Beautiful

These are tough times for beauty queens and models. The Miss USA
pageant has been hit by scandal yet again. Late last year we had the
brouhaha surrounding Miss Nevada, who had to give up her title after
racy photos of her appeared on the internet. Then, in that famous and
very overblown press conference held by Donald Trump, the current
Miss USA was allowed to keep her title after being found drinking in
N.Y bars while underage; she will have to undergo rehab and drug
testing. (A decision that befuddled me completely - she should have
lost her title as well, as supposedly these beauty queens are role
models for aspiring cheerleaders and the like, not a good example -
hhmmm, maybe she did a special 'favor' for The Donald.) Anyway,
now the latest casualty is Miss New Jersey. She gave up her tiara
yesterday due to pregnancy; she is expecting at summer's end. Wow,
the next Miss USA pageant isn't until March - we could see a whole
lot more scandal by then! Then today I read the story about super-
model Naomi Campbell. Yes, poor misunderstood (ie. superbrat!)
Naomi was accused of assault, yet AGAIN, by one of her employees.
The latest episode was a thrown cell phone at a maid who misplaced
a pair of jeans. Campbell will have to pay the maid's medical
expenses, do 5 days of community service, and attend a 2 day anger
management program. Gee, the judge really laid down the law for
this repeat offender with stiff punishment...ouch. But I do have some
good news to report about an ex-bombshell. This week Mardel Rosario
Pilar Martz Molina Baeza celebrated her birthday. We know her better
as the one and only Charo! Cuchi Cuchi!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have been a beauty queen. I would have then gotten to talk to The Donald, tramped around more than I ever could have imagined, consumed copious amounts of booze...oooh. It would have been glorious. Wait. Except for the make-up and wearing stupid dresses and being a vaccuous bitch part. heart, Lola

4:56 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

make-up, dumb frocks,yeah, definitely
drawbacks...all for the chance to bring
world peace and end hunger! ;)

7:25 PM, January 17, 2007  

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