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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Classy Country Folks

I named my previous post 'Hit and Run'. Well, I should have saved it
for the title of this post, as last night it really seemed like a hit and
run....twice. The restaurant got stomped on both before and after the
concert at the arena last night. As cold as it was last night, folks still
had no problem waiting in a line that extended outside the building.
I love it when it is busy, but that was just a tad much. I will say this -
I don't think I have ever seen so many cowboy hats in one room.
These folks were gung ho! But I will admit, the vast majority of them
were very nice and polite, and hardly any were intoxicated....a country
redneck crowd with a bit of class I must say. Wish they were all like
that, unfortunate that they aren't. But then my joke supply would be
depleted! I did, though, at one point, look out the window just to
make sure I didn't see any horses in the parking lot. Lots of pickup
trucks, but no horses!


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