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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hit and run

After 2 days of dayshift, not functioning as well as usual - those 5am
wake up times are a killer! But weekend and nightshift are on the
immediate horizon. Here's a peek of what I have to look forward to:
the return of long lost Chad (he actually returned earlier this week
but tomorrow will be the first night I will get to work with him) after
a hiatus of over a year and a half. Should be absolutely fabulous!
Then there will be a concert tomorrow night by some country music
star...yee ha....drunk redneck alert. This will be followed by a basket-
ball game later on this weekend. (both events at the arena up the
road from the restaurant) Yes, in for some busy times, just what I
like best. Oh, before I sign off, a Philip update. Our handlebar
mustached man came in today, both relieved and distressed. He is
happy that he is almost done with the "beast" he calls physical
therapy; one more session and hopefully he will be "in the pink".
He is, however, rather distraught over what happened to his car.
Apparently the last time Philip worked, someone hit his car in the
parking lot. Upon leaving he found the left rear side of it badly
scratched. After he showed it to me today, I tried to console him by
pointing out that at least it wasn't dented, and that Brandy (one of
the dayshift waitresses) has had her car hit twice in the restaurant
parking lot. Let's just say my comments didn't cheer his Brit heart
tremendously! Curses to the barbarian who hit Philip's car!


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