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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dutch treat...or tricks?

For the second post in a row, an article I read out of Holland has
been out of the ordinary enough for me to mention. (let's all
remember the name of this blog - Not Your Everyday News!
well, here you go!) The red light district in Amsterdam, capital of
this northwestern European nation, is about to receive a bronze
statue dedicated to prostitutes around the world. A Dutch news
agency announced that sculptress Els Rijerse has made the statue
at the request of a former working girl. City authorities apparently
have given the green light to both the project and sculpture, but
have not yet decided on the name of the work or where it will be
placed. The statue will depict a self-assured woman, hands on hips,
standing in a doorway as she looks sideways towards the sky.
Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the artwork to post here,
but should I ever come across it you can expect an update! Holland
definitely has to be one of the most liberal (some might say pro-
gressive) countries in the world. For example, soft drugs are legal
and sold in coffee houses (can you see that happening at Starbucks
here?). It was among the first European cultures to embrace mixed
race couples. It was the first nation to recognize and allow gay
unions. Euthanasia has been legal there since 2002. Oh, and of
course, prostitution is legal; prostitutes are taxed and can advertise
the services they offer - basically, they are treated like any other
self-employed tradesperson! And now the Dutch are about to erect
a statue honoring these special entrepreneurs. What's next, a
museum devoted to drug paraphernalia? Holland - it's definitely
not just windmills, tulips and wooden shoes!


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