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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Discount shopping

Not sure if it's the weather, but kind of have that 'in a rut' type
feeling. Maybe because nothing particularly scandalous or
outrageous has happened at the restaurant the last few days
(very out of character I know!). But I figure to get out of that rut
soon, as starting tonight, for the next couple of days, (if we don't
get the snow they are calling for, and I predict we won't, or will
get practically nothing) I will at some point be working with both
of our residents of the local state hotel, Shaniqua (ghetto fab),
Chad (ex-drag queen), and, I am sure at some point, will get to see
the dapper Philip (and his twisted mustache!). Yesterday I got to
work with the one and only Tiffany, who was gushing about a
5 piece sectional sofa, 1 of those sections being a chaise, another a
recliner, that she got for only $200! It is almost brand new; she
got it because a friend of hers found out his girlfriend was cheating
on him, so he dumped the girl and is in the process is getting rid of
everything of hers as well. The cheating ex apparently had bought
this sofa, so as Tiffany has friends in all kinds of places, she was
able to score the sofa from her heartbroken buddy. I have gathered
from alot of the staff at the restaurant that one way to pick up
gently used furniture, appliances, or even a car inexpensively is to
simply to be in the right place at the right time; be there when a
friend or family member is ditching something for fast cash, (for
some of our staff, it could be money needed for bail!) or in an
effort to cleanse oneself from a negative life experience. TA-DA,
an almost new sofa, stove, or vehicle - dirt cheap!


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