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Friday, February 02, 2007

Basketball is almost as cool as football

ALMOST...not quite...but almost as cool. The local university basketball
team scored a big upset over a Top 10 team last night at the arena up the
road. It was exciting to hear on the radio, I can only imagine watching it
on TV or better yet, being at the game itself, as it went down to the last
second in overtime. Naturally, the restaurant had a very good business
due to this game; alot of folks from both schools came in for dinner
before the game, and some for dessert afterwards. The varying emotions
are always fascinating to watch, especially from the diehard fans - peaks,
valleys, and everything in between! Many people get completely wrapped
up in sports and in the teams they support. Others get interested only
when a big event comes up, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, or
Final Four. And then there are those members of the population who
simply don't know a baseball from a hockey puck, have no idea what a
Boston Bruin or Celtic is, who think a Baltimore Oriole is just a bird and
a New York Jet some kind of airplane. Football, soccer, basketball are
my three fave sports, but I also like to follow hockey, the major tennis
events, and I try to not miss horseracing's Triple Crown. I immerse
myself in soccer's World Cup every 4 years; I also enjoy watching the
Olympics every 4 years as well, as they provide a chance to watch some
of the non-mainstream sports, such as skiing, skating, swimming, and
diving. There are SO many different kinds of sports around; I find it
hard to believe that some people simply don't like ANY of them. I
mean, I can understand someone not liking baseball or golf - they're
with a capital B. But no interest in football or basketball?
Well, to each his/her own, if everyone was the same, the world would
be monotonous, and no way can we have that!


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Where's the BEEF

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