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Monday, February 12, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Well, it didn't take long. Just one week after the disappearance of Chad
from the restaurant, it was Shaniqua's turn. Yes, her brief return was
indeed brief and is now mercifully OVER. Sadly, she had a complete
meltdown last night at the restaurant. I know folks have personal issues
and problems that they deal with on a daily basis, but to bring them to
work and then air them in public while making a scene is uncalled for.
Folks sitting in a restaurant, any restaurant, don't want to see or hear
that. Take it out back, or get out.....she chose option #2. But enough of
that, on to some better news! Some of you might remember the very
opposite sisters that frequent the restaurant - preppy Francesca and
ultra Goth Lilly. Both visited over the weekend. Lilly dropped in with
other Goths, including her possible/probable new boyfriend, who is
member of the other Goth band, not hers. Ah...birds of a feather! I do
hope this relationship works out for Lilly; her last boyfriend, both
Francesca and I agree, was not good to her. This one, I will call him
Sven here, just seems really nice, even when adorned with his brightly
hued mohawk! As for Francesca, YES, she has yet another new love
connection; she dumped her last boyfriend about a month ago because
he was too BORING (a common thread amongst all her chewed up
and spit out amours). Then this guy that claimed he had seen her at a
few parties (Francesca didn't remember him, but then that is really not
a shocker) ran into her at the clothing store she works at, and then
again at a burger place. Apparently they exchanged phone numbers,
and now have kind of sort of been seeing each other for about 3 weeks.
The new guy has promised to take her on a cruise in May once the
semester is done; both Lilly and I have predicted that Francesca will
have long broken up with him by then, probably for being.....boring.
Anyone remember the Hall and Oates song 'Maneater'? "She's sitting
with you but her eyes are on the out boy she'll chew
up" - folks, look no further than Francesca!

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