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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Busy news day

Wow. Just finished perusing the headlines on the CNN website, and am
rather amazed at some of the stories. The top story, of course, is the love
triangle amongst those crazy astronauts at NASA. One space chick drove
900 miles to confront another space chick and warn her off her fave space
boy - by trying to kidnap her. You know, as I was reading that story, I
could only shake my head in amazement - you would never think bookish
rocket scientists would be in the middle of a scandal fit for the trailer
park! Goes to show you just NEVER know! Then we have the women who
died after using too much numbing cream on their bodies after cosmetic
procedures. The FDA has reported that apparently these creams were
toxic and overuse of such creams caused 2 women to have seizures, fall
into comas, and die. It reminded me of a story a couple of years ago, when
a woman died during liposuction. Ladies, there are limits - go overboard
trying to be a sexy bombshell, and you end up being a sexy corpse. The
next story is alarming, but not terribly surprising. The Ku Klux Klan, or
KKK as most folks know them, is experiencing a revival. The reviled racist
organization, whose influence and memberships declined in the 90's, is
growing again thanks to new victims arousing their hate - immigrants.
The KKK was always anti-immigrant, particularly in the 1920's (against
Catholic immigrants), but for the most part they were content on making
life miserable for African-Americans (in the past). But now with anti-
immigration sentiments on the rise, the KKK is focusing their poisonous
vitriol on Hispanics, whom they blame for higher crime rates and rising
unemployment. *sigh* as long as there are ignorant folks running around
rampant, this will be the result. Last, but by no means least, toymaker
Hasbro has recalled almost 1 million toy ovens! 985,000 Easy-Bake toy
ovens made after May 2006 have been found to be defective. Apparently
29 children got their hands or fingers caught in the oven's opening; 5 of
these children were burned. Hasbro did reiterate that the oven is only for
children 8 years or older. Consumers who notify Hasbro will receive a
free retrofit kit. Phew, thank goodness, now we won't be deprived of Dora
the Explorer Cinnamon Sticks!

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