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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lazy and shiftless

That is what I have to call some of the folks who work at the
restaurant. Yesterday, one of my dastardly dayshift days, we had to
open late due that snow/sleet 'storm' that we got here in Central
Virginia. I hesitate to call it a storm, as we got less than 2 inches. But
the way people acted and reacted around here, you would think we
had been hit by a blizzard of mountainous proportions. Naturally,
almost the entire dayshift staff at the restaurant didn't show up; we
didn't even open until 10:00 am just to give everyone enough time
to get out and drive in safely after the sun had come up. BUT NO.
Even with the sun shining, melting everything away, they were fran-
tically declaring on the phone that they couldn't out of their driveway,
trees had fallen, cars were stuck, bla bla bla. These 'people' (and I
hesitate to use the word people in this case) simply had NO intention
of coming to work, it was just a extra day off for them. So a waitress
had to come in on her day off to cover for her lazy colleagues (Thank
you Brandy, my ole reliable!), one of the cooks had to come in on his
day off to cover for another guy. Simply PATHETIC. And worst of all,
there is really little we can do about it, as the restaurant is short-
handed anyway. It is not like we have this backup team waiting to come
in and take over, so we have to keep these shiftless losers. Just SAD.
Yesterday was a prime example of one of the low points of the restaurant
biz. They say good help is hard to find...heck, at this point, I would settle
for fair to middling just to get rid of these indolent freaks, but even that
seems a stretch these days. Oh well, on to the run of concerts and
basketball games coming up, should make for chaotic times!


Blogger freedominalaska said...

Send 'em all to Alaska. I'll put them to work shoveling some REAL snow.

6:11 PM, February 15, 2007  

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