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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friends...and a video clip!

Another night, another short-handed shift at the restaurant. It is simply
ridiculous how low the work ethic has sunk, and it seems to just go
lower and lower. But as always, we got through it; it didn't hurt that I
was visited by some of my fave people. Naturally, the Thompsons top
the list. I know Mrs. Thompson enjoyed the sights - a rugby team from
another state university came into the restaurant to eat, and she had
a prime seat, able to view all the eye candy (yum!)! Unfortunately, you
could tell these handsome boys played a contact sport without a helmet,
not exactly the sharpest pencils in the box! The Browns were in also, as
were Lisa and Peter. Lisa has been quite ill lately, and her doctor at
first thought she had pneumonia; now her illness is undetermined, and
she is just miserable. Usually it is Peter who is a bit under the weather.
Hope they are both back to normal (or at least normal for them!) soon.
I then got a late-night phone call from Sandra, who was NOT a happy
camper to say the least due to a situation with work. I hope she comes
in to see me tonight (hint hint) - 2 heads are better than one, maybe we
can come up with a plan. Last but not least, yesterday I received a link
for the new video by one of the Goth bands that come into the restau-
rant. It is a remake of the the 50's classic 'Earth Angel' by the Penguins
(and remade several times over the last 1/2 century). Well, let me just
tell you that this version is very well performed; as for the video, it is
definitely DIFFERENT - to see it, click on the title of this post, it will
take you to the website where you can click on the video clip. The boys
are not in their usual black jeans and leather with chains, but in nice
suits. However, their hair is still in fine Gothic style! (hmmm, 2 posts
in a row where I have discussed I getting obsessive?!) ;)

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Interesting to know.

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