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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Dutch are at it again

I have never been to The Netherlands, and know only a couple of
people who have. It appears to be a fairly attractive country, with
a bit of history as well. But as I have reported in this blog previously,
the Dutch folk are a bit on the liberal side - a statue dedicated to
prostitutes being a prime example of this. Now they have taken
open-mindedness to another level. A gym in the town of Heteren,
starting March 4th, will begin offering training sessions for nudists.
Every Sunday morning, nudist gym members will be allowed to, as
the CNN headline to the story stated, "get buff in the buff." Well
alrighty then! Gym manager Patrick de Man said that the Sunday
sessions were introduced due to popular demand but that "anyone
who shows up just to ogle will thrown out." Furthermore, staff
members will remain clothed and will pay special attention to
hygiene, making sure the au natural clients use towels or disposable
covers on bikes and other fitness machines. Nude gym sessions -
what's next, special times for nudists to grocery shop in the buff?
OOPS, I probably just gave some Dutchman an idea!

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