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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good for birdcages...maybe

I am more and more convinced that the local newspaper that we have
in our fine city is much less than fine...actually, calling it a rag may be
a compliment. I have noticed on several occasions that certain topics
that I have written about here, which are actually newsworthy, (because
I must admit, some of the things I do write about aren't exactly subjects
CNN covers!) don't get coverage in our local rag until 1-2 days later. The
most recent example of this was my blurb about the removal of most
trans-fat from the famed Girl Scout Cookies. I wrote on Friday about
it, and the story was still fresh, but not HOT off the presses; our local
'news'paper didn't have an article about it until yesterday. The post
about the peanut butter recall is another example - I wrote about it
a couple of days before the local daily decided to give it press. I guess
that is why so many people read the paper from the state capital, as
well as the nation's capital; heck, I even know loyal readers of the
famed Big Apple publication. Unfortunately, this city is not big enough
to support a 2nd daily news edition; I can remember when someone
tried to put up a rival in the past, but failed miserably. Furthermore,
we do rely on the local edition for obituaries, court reports, comics,
movie listings, ads, and naturally all the local semi-scandals. But for
any national or international news, folks simply go elsewhere, as they
know full well it won't get covered locally at all, or only after several
days. Personally, I check all news headlines on CNN TV when I have
breakfast; I also check 3-4 news sources on-line (and send the raciest
stories to Lola!). Then, if and when I have time, I will actually peruse a
newspaper, usually at the restaurant over a cup of coffee. Need to stay
informed and up-to-date, never know what non-restaurant topic may
grace this blog in the future!

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