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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Let's hold that thought

So much for Kathy not providing more fodder for my blog, her drama
never ends. Need to do a quick update on her situation. I mentioned
that her last day of work was Thursday, how Friday she was getting out
of the big house, and was going to move out of state. Well, 2 out of 3 so
far. Kathy had been convinced that she had done all the correct paper-
work and followed all the procedures for her to be able to go out of
state; as she will still be on probation, she needed permission. Well,
upon her release yesterday, she was told that not everything was in
order yet, and she had to put her travel plans on hold. Naturally, Kathy
was devastated; her New York boyfriend will now leave on Sunday and
wait for word of when she will be ready to travel up north. Yes, the
big ole wrench got tossed into the mix. Now Kathy is trying to find a
place to live while she waits; more than likely she will stay with one
of our waitstaff gals. And yes, she even stated that she was available to
work at the restaurant next week should her services be required! I'll
let y'all know when....if.....she actually leaves our fair city/state!


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