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Friday, March 02, 2007

Goodbye, Farewell

Well, last night was the final work shift for one of our work release
gals. Kathy was due to be released this morning, and is set to move
out of state and reunite with her family this weekend. We had a tiny
little send off for her last night - folks pitched in for some Mexican
food and an Oreo cake, her faves. Plus someone brought one of those
disposable cameras, so everyone took turns clicking away, taking
pics with her to remember us all by, and for Kathy to share her last
memories of work. I really hope that THIS time will be the last time
Kathy has one of these 'get out of jail finally' celebrations, and that
she will actually wise up, settle down, and turn her life around. I do
not want to sound like a pessimist, but I do have my doubts if this
will be the case. I just never heard a 'new' Kathy when she spoke of
plans; even on the inside her life was encased in drama. I am actually
quite sure that she will eventually come back to our fair city. That
would be OK, just as long as she stays clean and out of trouble. For
Kathy, all much easier said than done. But for now, let's try to think
positive and believe that this is indeed a new, fresh beginning for her,
and that Kathy won't provide fodder for my blog ever again!


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