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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Dutch.....again!

This was a story I meant to bring to y'all sooner, but with all the goings
on at the restaurant, it got put to the backburner. But no more - and
here it is, another story from that hotbed of scandal - The Netherlands!
Yes, our good friends the Dutch just keep vindicating my belief that they
are by far the most liberal folks in Europe. According to CNN, an
Amsterdam judge recently ruled that peep shows are a form of theater
and that club owners are therefore entitled to a hefty tax break. Fans
of Madonna, such as myself, should be familiar with peep shows; the
video for her 1986 song 'Open Your Heart' featured the Material Girl
performing in a peep show as an exotic dancer in front of clientele in
various booths. (she would get more scandalous as the 80's closed and
the 90's entered.) But I digress. The judge justified his decision with the
following statement: "Admitting customers to peep shows is equivalent
to admitting them to a theater performance. The erotic character of the
performance does not diminish that." Because of this decision, owners
of peep show 'theaters' could receive thousands of tax Euros back. Gee,
so nice to know that in Holland, strippers have the same stature as
actors who partake in a play by Shakespeare, O'Neill, or Chekhov!

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