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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Comings and Goings

We had some upheavals at the restaurant in the last week. After
her 'medical' drama last week, Tiffany is no longer employed at
the restaurant. She never produced a medical note or doctor's
excuse for her alleged ailments, verifying what we all already
knew, that she was lying. No surprise. I only hope it will send a
message to a couple of our other drama queens who have a
distant relationship with the truth (but I doubt it). Then our
hostess with the mostess, Tina (and her silicone orchestra!) may
be on the way out. Her husband's work schedule has changed, not
allowing her to work 2 weeks a month, as someone needs to stay
home with the 3 kids. Not sure if working 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off
will be manageable schedule-wise, time will tell. This now allows
our favorite ex-jailbird to display her multitude of talents by
becoming the new hostess with the mostess (and her 'attributes'
are the real thing, unlike Tina's!). Yes, the one and only Kathy
now moves into a more responsible position within the
restaurant; naturally, we realize that it may be short-term, as
her legal situation, outlined in previous posts, is still up in the
air. But I am sure she will be quite popular in the meantime.
Last, and in this case, least, we do have a new waiter on board
for nightshift, but I can emphatically state that this will NOT
last long. In very short order he has managed to alienate, and
in some cases, completely creep out almost the entire staff. I
think you know the kind, the guy who thinks he knows it ALL,
is everyone's best buddy, interjects himself in every conversa-
tion, no matter what the topic, gives unsolicited advice, and
believes that he is the doing the best job and the most work.
Well, I have news for this bozo.....get over yourself. We need to
find a replacement....and fast, especially since the rumor going
around is that he is sneaking booze into the restaurant and taking
a drink when he goes to the bathroom or storeroom (he hasn't
been caught....yet). Just what we need on top of ALL the other
adventures and characters that we house in the asylum we call a
restaurant. And we have a concert coming up this weekend too?
Let the chaos begin!


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