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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pizza and ice cream

2 of my fave available at a premium in New York City.
A proprietor of 6 pizza restaurants in the Big Apple is offering what
he calls the "Luxury Pizza" at one of his the cost of $1000
each. The 12 inch pie is topped with lobster, chives, fresh cream, and
6 kinds of caviar. 24 hours notice must be given if one wants to order
this pizza, in order to procure the caviar. hhmmm, at $125 a slice, I
am not sure how popular this will be for anyone other than the ultra
pretentious New Yorkers who want to show off...think I'll stick with
sausage and mushroom! Then, after their Luxury Pizza, the snobby
New Yorker can head over to another restaurant nearby which sells
an ice cream sundae called Golden Opulence.....also at $1000 a pop.
No, there is no caviar in the ice cream, but the sundae is topped with
23-karat edible gold leaf. Another no go, even if I had the money. I
want my gold in my jewelry and coins, not my stomach. Darn, all this
talk of ice cream....time to pick up a spoon for a visit to the freezer!

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