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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday

Best wishes to my good buddy Mr. Thompson, who celebrated a
birthday yesterday! I kind of found out by accident at the last
minute, and didn't have time to go online yesterday, hence the
late regards. Hope it was a good one, and that there will be many
more! Have been trying to remember if any other birthdays or
other special occasions are lingering around in the near future,
and all I can come up with is Easter for now. And this year, Easter
is not only early, but I get only one.....let me explain. As a Greek
Orthodox, I celebrate Orthodox Easter. Our church follows the
old style calendar (Gregorian), so Orthodox Easter usually falls
anywhere from a week to 4 weeks later than Protestant/Catholic
Easter. Hence I usually got to celebrate the holiday twice, since
my husband is Catholic and we do live in the U.S., a primarily
Protestant nation; then I would celebrate the late arriving Ortho-
dox Easter. But every 4 years the 2 religious Easters fall on the
same day; this is one of those years, so basically I need to double
up this year on April 8. I have already asked for that day off from
the restaurant, as in the past, with 2 Easters to celebrate, we
could do some of it one day and the rest of it the other. But now
I need to jam everything into one day, hence my day off request.
But the worst thing of all is that I will actually need to buy all my
Easter candy at full price! What I have done in the past was to
wait until the day after Protestant/Catholic Easter, when all the
stores dropped the candy prices down to 50% off or better, and
then I would stock up on the candy for Orthodox Easter - perfectly
good, 1/2 price! But every 4 years, that plan goes out the window,
and I have to pay full price...darn! Oh well, better get those peanut
butter eggs and chocolate bunnies soon!

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