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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

West Virginia Basketball

The college basketball season wrapped up this week. The University of
Tennessee won the women's NCAA tourney, the University of Florida
conquered the men's side. In the NIT tournament, the University of
Wyoming was victorious on the women's side, while the University
of West Virginia won the men's title. OR did they? After the champion-
ship game between West Virginia and Clemson, won by the Moun-
taineers 78-73, officials handed out commemorative T-shirts to the
winning team. There was a problem however. The last 'i' in Virginia
was missing on the T-shirts, so in reality, the players and coaches
from the University of West 'Virgina' were holding up the champion-
ship trophy. The University was quick to point out that the NIT
printed the T-shirts, not the learning institution of the Mountaineer
state. hhmmm, do I go on a West Virginia joke bender, or should I
leave this alone? Let's see, did you hear about the tornado that hit
West Virginia? It caused $3 million dollars in IMPROVEMENTS!
Or the fact that many murders go unsolved in West Virginia? That is
because there are very few dental records and almost all the DNA is
the same! Sorry, I couldn't resist picking on good ole W. Virgina!

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