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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Finally got around to doing my taxes the other day, and YAY, I
will get a few dollars back! I keep going to this same tax guy
(who works at the national tax prep chain with the green logo)
every year as 3 years ago he found an error made 4 years ago,
and I got a few extra dollars back, so in my book he is a
keeper! I know alot of folks scoff at going to these tax prep
offices and paying someone to crunch their numbers, especially
since now there are all these software programs that allow
people to prepare their own taxes online. However, as numbers
are not my forte, and seeing how tax laws seem to change every
year, I simply pack up my tapestry briefcase and head on over
to my pal. In about an hour, everything is done, and more impor-
tantly, I have avoided giving myself a major headache or making
some tragic mistake. After all, the last thing I want is the
IRS breathing down my neck because of my ineptitude; the tax
prep chain I use guarantees their work, plus their service fee
includes facing any music the Feds may play. That may be very
unlikely, since my name isn't Martha Stewart, but better safe
than sorry!


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