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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bartender, a diamond please!

Boy, talk about loving life these days. I do NOT have to open any
days at all this dastardly morning shifts at the restaurant,
which makes me happy, at least for this week anyway. I feel better,
and already feel less tired, even though I haven't worked yet, it's just
knowing I don't have to awake at an ungodly hour. Anyhow, I just
wanted to share another outrageous story about pricey items for
pretentious consumption. If you recall, last month I wrote about
the high priced specialty pizza and ice cream sundae in New York
City (the pizza had caviar, the sundae gold leaf, both sold for a
$1000). Well, I just read a story in the 'Washington Post' that beats
both. In Tokyo, Japan, a new Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel has just
opened. Ok, we all know that the Ritz is, well, ritzy. In Tokyo, the
Presidential suite goes for $20,000 a NIGHT. Over 200 weddings
have already been booked at the Tokyo Ritz for 2007 - starting price,
$24,000 (starting price mind you!). But just as extravagant is a
special martini that the hotel offers in collaboration with Bulgari
jewelers. The 'Diamonds-are-Forever Martini' is a $16,000 cocktail
with a one-carat Bulgari diamond at the bottom. As long as you
don't accidentally swallow it, you can take the diamond to any
Bulgari boutique in Tokyo and have a ring fitted for the stone for
free. Oh yeah, that's FREE alright! hhmm, what are the chances of
showing cleavage and scoring a free drink from the Ritz bartender?

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