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Monday, April 09, 2007

TV and Hockey

Have been getting my fill of TV during my mini-vacation. Last night was
the new season premiere of 'The Soprano's', much to my husband's
delight, as he is a huge fan. It isn't a bad show, and some episodes have
been actually quite good, but I have never quite understood the all
the brouhaha surrounding it. Me, I am still a huge 'Law & Order' fan;
I have been indulging in some 'SVU' episodes that my husband recorded
on the DVR. The good thing about watching episodes in this manner is
that I can fast forward the commercials! Then tonight the next episode
of '24' comes on, so yet another spy/crime/suspense fix. That will be
more TV in 2 days than I usually watch in a week. Of course, some of
the TV viewing always includes zapping through all the TV channels in
a matter of seconds. But I did pause long enough on ESPN to notice
that the New York Islanders won their last game of the season, which
allowed them to claim the last playoff berth in the National Hockey
League. Hockey is a sport I follow and watch occasionally; the action
is fast and frenetic. Several years ago I chose the Islanders as my
fave hockey team - no, I have never been to one of their games, and
my 2 visits to Long Island were years ago to visit relatives and friends
in Astoria, the predominantly Greek neighborhood in Queens. I guess
I felt sorry for the Isles, as the New York Rangers seem to garner
most of the attention in the hockey world (understandable since they
are one of the older franchises). So I will be rooting for my team, even
if they have a minimal chance of advancing in the playoffs - go Isles!

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