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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bye bye work release

There truely is never a dull moment at the restaurant. Just when we
think we have slipped into a monotonous routine - WHAP - a big ole
slap knocks us back to our dysfunctional reality! Case in point - late
yesterday afternoon - the dinner rush was just getting underway, the
place was about 1/2 full or so. Two out of my three waitresses were
there, the 3rd on the way. Two correctional officers bolted into the
restaurant and headed towards Annie, our remaining work-release gal.
Normally I wouldn't have been alarmed, as officers occasionally drop
by to check in on Annie, I guess to make sure that she is where she is
supposed to be, and doing what she is supposed to be doing; the
officers would make some kind of small talk. But yesterday no banter,
no strolling about, but a determined bee-line. I saw them reach Annie
and ask her to go around to the back. After less than a minute, the
other waitress, Melinda, ran towards me. She told me that I should
go to the back, that the officers were cuffing Annie and taking her.
OH NO! I rushed back to the kitchen, and sure enough, Annie was
handcuffed; when I asked the officers what the problem was, they
simply stated that it was part of an ongoing investigation and they
could not discuss anything at the time. Fortunately they took Annie
out the back, so no customers witnessed this fiasco. Naturally, being
a waitress short, the restaurant got slammed last night. I was able to
find out, however, the reason for Annie's situation. Apparently, another
inmate informed officers of some contraband that Annie had snuck in
and hid in her personal belongings - a nail file, tweezers, and some over
the counter medicine - all illegal to possess in jail. The officers found
everything after she had left for work, then came and busted her. You
can argue that Annie brought this on herself - yes, she knew she couldn't
have those items. But the medicine she had was for acid reflux; the
prescription she had at the jail infirmary had lapsed, and she was going
to the bathroom 10-12 times a night at the restaurant due to her health
issues. And what is a shame is that she had less than a month to go.
Now she faces the possibility of additional time to go along with the
revocation of her work release. Yes, we have probably seen the last of
Annie, unless she decides to come to work for us again after she gets
out, which I doubt, as she plans to live almost an hour away. Never
ending drama, with a sad twist this time.


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