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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some disturbing stuff

Just got done reading a couple of odd stories at, and
they both involved the populous Asian nation of India. The first
one was rather alarming. A farmer in eastern India found out that
one of his employees had failed to milk his cows, so he went and
found the employee.....and beheaded him. Simply AWFUL. The
next story was again set in eastern India. A wedding was about to
occur in a small village, but the groom showed up drunk. Villagers
at the wedding did the 'logical' thing - they decided he was too
drunk to get married. So, with the approval of the bride's family,
it was decided to put the younger brother of the drunkard at the
alter with the bride-to-be. Well, I knew about the pre-arranged
marraige deals in India, but allowing other family members to
step in really takes it way too far...WOW. (If you were curious,
the bride's say in all this? ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH.) The intoxicated
ex-groom did apologize for his behavior later, but lamented the
fact that word would get around about his debauchery and that
he would never be able to find another bride!

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