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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Concert aftermath...and France?

As expected, the restaurant was rather crowded last night before and
after the concert, which was good. It made time go by, and I enjoyed
the hectic pace, except when the soda machine lost the carbonation,
making all the sodas flat! As it was too busy to tackle the problem right
then, I just told the wait staff to push tea, juice, and coffee! Not too
many drunks thankfully, a good crowd for the most part. Now today I
will simply put it into cruise control. Sunday is the last day of my
work week, and usually alot of regulars and friends drop by for a visit.
So, all in all, it usually turns out to be a good day! To change streams
completely, I was just scanning CNN for the headlines, and today
France has a new president. His name is Nicolas Sarkozy, a conserva-
tive; he garnered 53% of the vote over Segolene Royal's 47%. Both
claimed that they had overcome huge obstacles to get to their position.
Sarkozy is the son of Hungarian immigrants, Royal, a socialist, was
aiming to become France's first female president. As both politicians
are fairly youthful, in their early to mid 50's, I have a feeling this will
not be their last confrontation.

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