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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The countdown is on

Just 3 more days 'til the wedding of the year...but will it last a year?
The lovely Kathy and her persistent NY fiance are set to tie the knot
on Wednesday and then plan to take a quick trip to NY. After that,
she will come back here to arrange her paperwork with the probation
officials that will allow her to establish out of state residence and to be
able to move up north. I can't help but think that something will come
up before Wednesday to tank these plans, but even if everything goes
smoothly, there is bound to be fireworks in the near future. Can Kathy
remain faithful and stay away from the bars? Will New York man trust
her and not control her every move, who she can see, where she can
go, and when? He has control issues, she has her footloose and fancy
free issues...not a good mix, but hey, I and everyone else could be
wrong. To go to an even MORE bizarre story, there was a call to the
restaurant last night from our ex-hostess with the mostess, the lovely
Tina (and her boob job orchestra!). I didn't answer the phone, but
assumed it was yet another call asking to come back on a part-time
basis - she has called for the same thing about 4 times in the last
month. Anyway, my assumption was wrong, Tina was calling to recruit
employees for a new business venture that she is attempting to start.
A hair/nail salon perhaps, or a photocopy and print office, maybe a pet
grooming center? NO! She is aiming to start an escort/massage/exotic
dancing enterprise...I kid you NOT! And just to tie matters up here,
she was actually calling trying to find... yes, you guessed it...Kathy!!!
While discussing this latest development last night on the phone with
Keisha, we were debating as to who would be working with Tina - her
mom and sister both came to mind - and as to what the venture would
be called - maybe Dial-a-Ho?!? ;)


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