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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon...

...Austrian style. I recently read an article about an Austrian man
who robbed a bank in Grinzens, Austria in order to collect funds to
pay a plastic surgeon for a certain procedure. Naturally, I wouldn't
be talking about a run of the mill plastic surgery story here - NO,
of course NOT! No, this robber needed the money to pay for his
transvestite lover's boob job! The bank robber, a 29 year old
mechanic, aroused suspicions from the plastic surgeon when he
offered a large amount of cash money up front for the procedure.
The police were brought in to investigate, and the truth was soon
discovered; the mechanic will now face 6 years in prison. I wonder
if his transvestite friend will visit him, or just try to find another
fool to pay for his/her breast operation. I have never seen the 1975
movie 'Dog Day Afternoon', which was based on a true 1972 story.
I looked it up and saw that Al Pacino starred in the movie; as the
lead character, he attempted, unsuccessfully, to rob a bank in order
to finance his lover's sex change operation. Nice to know crazy
antics were going on over 30 years ago too, not just nowadays!

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