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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time of transition

It's that time of year when soon folks will be saying goodbye,
probably forever. Our fine local university is having exam week;
next weekend is graduation. This means 4th (or in some cases, 5th!)
year kids who have been coming in regularly will come in one last
time, most with their parents, to have their last meal at the restau-
rant and to say goodbye. While you are happy for them and their
accomplishments, it is still a bit sad to see them go. A few who have
graduated in the past come back religiously, during certain big events,
and drop by to visit and wax nostalgic, and to let us know what turns
their lives have taken. Others who say they will be back to visit never
do. It is only natural, the normal cycle of life. As for the restaurant
itself, graduation signals a bit of a slowdown; with classes out of
session and few students in town, business definitely drops. But it
doesn't become a ghost town. Alot of locals who don't frequent the
restaurant during the school year drop by more frequently in the
summer. Then, starting in June, there is a slight influx of tourists, in
town to see the local sights, or just stopping overnight on the way to
the beach, D.C., the Big Apple, and other business/pleasure seeking
havens. In any case, I will manage to stay busy and entertained,
certainly not a difficult accomplishment thanks to our zany regular
customers, and most of all, our dysfunctional, drama-infused staff!


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