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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happily married...for now

Well, it is official. The lovely Kathy is now a married woman. For how
long remains to be seen....maybe she will prove all the naysayers
(such as myself) wrong....and then again, maybe she won't! But today
she was radiant and beautiful, it was her moment. Let's hope that this
will be the day she turns a page in her life. Of course, she did supply
all of us at the restaurant with a very 'classy' moment - when dropping
by afterwards to show off her jewelry, she just HAD to mention how
she and her new husband had already consumated their
the back of the limo of course! (yes, I overheard that tidbit, Kathy has
no idea I caught that!) Changing streams - Lola is on her way back
from Alaska. By my calculations, she should be almost out of the mid-
west by now, after a long drive through Western Canada, Montana,
South Dakota, and Iowa. She will be in Virginia for a couple of weeks
before starting a summer job. I just hope her Alaskan adventure
didn't leave a bad taste in her mouth, and that her post-summer
plans, whatever they may be (unknown at this time), work out better.


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