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Friday, May 18, 2007

Drug running - Tajikistan style!

My primary news site has always been, and still is, CNN. However,
the Reuters website is starting to move up in the ranks, thanks to
some pretty offbeat stories that they carry in their "Oddly Enough"
section. I found the latest tidbit from there this morning. A 26 year
old woman in the very poor former Soviet republic of Tajikistan was
arrested this week for trying to smuggle heroin inside a refrigerator
through the express mail delivery firm DHL. An official at the DHL
office in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, got suspicious when he noticed
that the price to ship the appliance to Moscow far exceeded the
actual cost of the fridge. Police were brought in to investigate; what
they discovered was over 17 kilos (about 28 pounds) of heroin
stashed inside the inner cover plate of the fridge. Tajikistan shares
a border with Afghanistan, which just happens to be the world's
largest producer of opium (or its refined form, heroin). Guess the
Tajiks will have to try FedEx or UPS for their 'shipping' needs
next time! I can see the new ad slogan now - 'What can 'Brown'
run for you?'

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