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Monday, May 21, 2007

Immigration reform my A _ _

I haven't been politically incorrect on here for a while, actually I am
long overdue. So here is my vent for the day. I have been following
this illegal alien amnesty that is about to be given to about 12 million
illegals. Those 12 million or so basically will be legalized. I am all
about immigration. My ancestors were immigrants, heck, my
husband is an immigrant. But each and every one of them came into
this country by the book, did all the applications and paperwork by
the book, were granted all visas and documents by the book....and
doing it by the book, my friends, is NOT cheap either. Furthermore,
it is VERY time consuming. It took almost 2 years for my husband
to get his work permit, another 2 to get his green card, and in this
4 year period we had to travel a minimum of 2 hours several times
a year to do fingerprinting, picture taking, and more...all at consi-
derable expense. And folks who skirt the law, do as they please,
acquire fake documents, cards, and social security numbers, and
more will now get a free ride, plus be placed on a track towards
acquiring citizenship. Yeah, sounds fair.


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