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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Not too busy at the restaurant this weekend, but that hasn't kept
me from being entertained one way or another! Lola is back in town
for a couple of weeks after departing from the great white north of
Alaska. Good to have her wry, sarcastic, twisted sense of humor
back, even if just a while! She has her usual summer job lined up,
and then, who knows? Actually, Lola believes she will end up in the
city of brotherly love - Philadelphia - but alot could change in 3
months. Speaking of which, that time frame seems to be what most
restaurant staff and regular customers feel will be the length of
Kathy's marriage. I should set up a pool where everyone picks a
"honeymoon is OVER" date for a dollar, but no, I'll be nice .... and
let someone else get credit for it! Also got visits at the restaurant
from my very beloved friends the Thompsons, the ever zany Lisa
and Peter, and gal pal Michelle. Francesca came in with her big sis
Lilly the other night as well; they had just gotten out of the gym,
so they naturally came to eat pancakes and a waffle! hhmmm, my
after gym meal usually consists of pizza or some Tex-Mex yummies!


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