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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sign the petition!

So after bringing me some simply yummy meatballs and fried
chicken from her grandmother, Lola is on her way to the city
of brotherly love to visit her possible future roommate, a gal I
will call Nora here. I met Nora a couple of years ago when she
came to visit Lola here; she is loud, sarcastic, a tad caustic, very
intelligent, and just an absolute hoot - a perfect roomie for Lola!
I was just sorry she didn't attend the university here, she would
have provided great fun for 4 years. I guess you could call Lola,
Nora, and yes, even yours truly, the anti-sorority girls. We just
don't hold the blonde, skinny, dumb bimbos in high regard!
Speaking of blonde, skinny, dumb bimbos, I just got an e-mail
(from Lola of course) about the anti-Paris Hilton petition that
is circulating online. It asks that people sign it to ensure that
this embarrassment to the fine hotel chain actually does go to
jail for her criminal behavior. If my lovely waitstaff gals at the
restaurant have to serve time for their crimes, so should this
trampy airhead. If you click on my post title, it will take you to
the petition; I encourage all of my readers to sign it!



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