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Monday, May 28, 2007

Do you have those shoes in my size?

My husband and I took advantage of my day off, and the Memorial
Day holiday, to spend the day in our state capital hitting the sales.
We didn't get a whole lot of stuff, just a couple of summer shirts at
40% off, and a small kitchen accessory. One of the nicest surprises
was that I was able to find a pair of shoes I have been searching for.
As I have mentioned in the past, I am a size 11, a very large and
difficult size in women's shoes. I had been desperately looking for a
nice pair of cream colored medium heeled pumps - not flats, but not
stillettos either - but just couldn't find my size locally. But lo and
behold, today was my lucky day! I am no Imelda Marcos (heck, she
didn't have size 11 feet, so her choices was far greater!), but it is
nice to find what you are looking for every once in a while. Shoe
shopping is definitely not something I take for granted; it is always
an adventure into the great unknown, or unfound!


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