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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The return of the Whistler

Some good news to report. I had not see the Whistler - Tom, and
his wife Marion for several months at the restaurant. As they are
both in their 80's, with Marion beset by Alzheimers, I had feared
the worst. But last week they reappeared out of the blue. I then
found out that they had been through a rough few months. Marion
fell and broke her hip; she gets around with a cane VERY slowly
now. And Tom had some health issues himself, high blood pressure
and some circulation problems, both of which called for a change
in diet (no, the restaurant is NOT for health nuts!). But they are
back, for now anyway. Sadly, Marion's Alzheimers seems to have
gotten worse; in the past, she would occasionally have a good day,
but since their return, not one yet. But they still have their odd
habits, such as drinking a beer in a wine glass while eating extra
crisp bacon and a super rare burger, with a side of potato salad
topped with blue cheese dressing . O.K., whatever works!


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