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Friday, June 08, 2007


Today, June 8, 2007, brought us the first majorly hot day of the
summer - even if officially it is still spring - temps over 90 today!
And so it begins for us here in Central Virginia, hot days, made
more difficult by high levels of humidity. It is actually the
humidity that makes the heat worse - clothes sticking to you,
air thick and steamy - as we watch our electric bills go up due
to the constant need for air conditioning. We will also use more
gas in our cars, as we need to run the A/C there also. Fun fun
fun.....complain complain complain! We complain when it's cold
in the winter, hot in the summer, rainy anytime, just never ever
happy. hhhmmm, is that human nature, to moan and groan
about something all the time? oh well, such is life - enjoy!


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