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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thank you

Well, I am just getting through an interesting 4 days. To start it all off,
let me announce that I just celebrated my 29th birthday.....AGAIN!
And again, I was had at the restaurant. See, last year, my dear friends
the Thompsons, and wannabe ghetto fab waitress gal pal Keisha, put
together a surprise party for me at the restaurant for my birthday.
So you would think that there is no way they could pull if off 2 years
in a row, right? WRONG! Not only did they pull it off, but got even
more folks involved in the scheme! Hubby was in on it, as were a
couple more waitresses. Furthermore, I happened to have chance
visits by Michelle and Sandra at the same time, as well as these two
older sisters who always visit me on Sunday nights. Fortunately, the
cake was big enough for everyone to get a piece! It was a really fun
time, dampened only slightly by the fact that the time they chose to
spring this on me of course happened to be the time the restaurant
got a bit busy. But a good time was had by all, especially when I had
to open my presents; Keisha had hidden some unmentionable gifts
under the Reece's peanut butter cups she had bought. Let's just
say that everyone was amazed by the varying shades of red that I
turned, and how fast I moved to put that stuff back into the bag,
the very bottom of the bag mind you! But my thanks to everyone
involved and to all who brought me unnecessary but appreciated
gifts. Hubby and I then celebrated some during my 2 days off; on
my actual birthday, we had the Thompsons over for dinner. I
prepared most of my favorite foods....veal and asparagus (YUM),
quiche, and desserts. The only things missing were shrimp, I had
been unable to find jumbo ones that I liked, and the pasta dish was
not my absolute fave, but one in the top 5. I made pasta carbonara,
with bacon, egg, and parmesan cheese. My actual fave is lasagna,
but for some reason, I can never get it quite right. The noodles
usually turn out tough and crisp on the edges. I guess I am just
not a baker. Things were topped off by a nice Prosecco wine, and
we had a grand time! All I can say again is - Thank You!


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